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WildNative E.C.O. Camp is for high school students Ages 13 – 18 who are interested in Marine Biology, Ecology, Zoology, or who just love to be outside and learn about the environment! Join us this summer for an Exciting Coastal Opportunity in either our Residential or Day Camp, and have a “water-ful” good time at Wild Native E.C.O. camp!

WildNative Eco Camp Registration Form

2016 Dates:

  • June 5 – 11: Day Camp
  • June 12 – 18: Day Camp
  • June 19 – 25: Residential Camp
  • June 26 – 2 July: Residential Camp
2017 Dates:

  • June 4 – 10: Day Camp
  • June 11 – 17: Day Camp
  • June 18 – 24: Residential Camp
  • June 25 – 1 July: Residential Camp

Please fill out the following information as completely as possible:

Please complete the following about the Camper:

Please complete the following about the first parent/guardian:

Please complete the following about the second parent/guardian:

Please note, WildNative Camps want to provide your camper with a fantastic experience. To help in this process providing as much information about your camper’s immediate family, contact information, and personal life is mostly helpful to welcoming the camper into this program. If there are any other family members (siblings, grandparents, etc.) that are closely involved in your child’s life please include the information in the space below.

Emergency / Medical Information:

Other Information:

Thank you for your information and registration. An ECO Camp counsellor will be in touch shortly. We look forward to seeing your child soon at WildNative ECO Camp!

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