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The Mobile Bay estuary tour combined scientific information, area history, and anecdotes that brought the region to life. Captain Chris opened our eyes to the biological diversity of the area, and its vulnerability to pollution. We saw alligators, pelicans, ospreys, tiny lizards, and many varieties of trees and grasses. Highly recommended.

Mira Peck
Delta Wildlife Boat Eco tour

Snowbird Tour

Booked a group of our snowbirds for your Wildlife Eco tour and have had nothing but positive feedback about their experience. Although it was cold on the water–especially for me as an Alabamian–they’ve been raving about it. Chris and Captain Mike were very knowledgeable. We learned a lot about the delta, and it was all done with humor so we never felt like we were being lectured!

Karen Allan
SeaChase Rentals
Delta Wildlife Boat Eco tour

Fantastic time on the kayak fishing trip

My wife and I had a fantastic time on the kayak fishing trip. The location, at Five Rivers Delta Resource Center, was very convenient as we were staying at Meaher State Park, just across the highway. What made the trip excellent was our guide, Krista. She is knowledgeable, upbeat, enthusiastic, and pitched the trip to our level of experience perfectly. We caught fish, too! She even gave us great tips on preparing and cooking our catch. The Kayaks and fishing gear were in excellent condition and worked well for us. We will be back to tour with WildNative again!

Wallace Berry
Freshwater Kayak Fishing

So much fun!

Great way to start vacation- got to see a few dolphins from further away. Best part was being out in nature and on the water! Highly recommend!
The staff are great!

Josie Mattern
The Dolphins & Wildlife Kayak Experience

Gulf Shores Kayak Tour

We had a wonderful time and learned a lot about some local wildlife. We shared much of the knowledge gained with our family on other outings later in the week! We were lucky enough to see a lot of dolphin at the end of our tour that came within 5 feet of our kayaks. There were people young to old and everyone seemed to have a great time! We plan on doing it again when our children get older.

Kelsey P
The Dolphins & Wildlife Kayak Experience

Awesome is correct

Who would have guessed there are so many interesting sights and stories about Mobile Bay. Don’t miss this cruise! Captain Chris knows everything and he can tell you about it in the most entertaining way. You will remember a lot of it just because it was so much fun. Our thanks to Captain Chris and First Mate Mac for this awesome cruise!

Bobby Felton
home 🙂
The Secretly Awesome Tour

Very interesting. Chris is

Very interesting. Chris is so entertaining and we learned so much. Even saw a bald eagle.

Dorothy Stanley
Delta Wildlife Boat Eco tour

Another great experience

I’ve now gone on multiple WildNative trips, and I have yet to be disappointed. Most recently, I went on the dolphin tour. Our guide, Cassie, was excellent. She said she has a degree in zoology, and it showed. She was knowledgeable and personable. We saw several dolphins. It was exciting and fun. Cassie also knew her stuff about other wildlife — especially birds. It was a really nice afternoon.

Roger Burdette
The Dolphins & Wildlife Kayak Experience

Informative and enjoyable time

We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon listening, learning, & laughing with Chris on our Secretly Awesome Tour of Mobile Harbor and Bay. I took a native Daphne couple with me and the Husband said he was surprised he learned so much from this tour about this area. Throughly enjoyed this tour and would highly recommend it to visitors and Native residents alike!!!!

Brenda ONeal
The Secretly Awesome Tour

Great Trip!

Chris guided us through a 3 hour kayak tour of a beautiful area. We spotted a pod of dolphins within ~30 feet of our group, saw numerous bird species including an eagle and had a great time. Chris is very knowledgeable, friendly and great with kids. Highly recommend!
Mad American Doctor
The Dolphins & Wildlife Kayak Experience

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